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Having 35 years of welding experience and 30+ years in boatbuilding, Ken is very knowledgeable in the requirements for inspecting commercial vessels and barges.  Ken is a certified welder in stick wire, vertical welds, flat welds, dual shield, fab shield, and stainless steel welding.  He is also experienced in barge repair and steel boat construction.  In addition to boat construction, Ken brings with him many years of experience in handling commercial vessels.  He was a patrol boat captain, which required him to run LCMs for the federal government.  Ken also has tugboat experience.  Ken is a member of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing.

In addition to the inspection of the hull, decks, welds, stringers, etc., the electrical system, fuel system, steering system, electronics, cranes, deck hardware, hoses, and everything that is on the vessel will be inspected for condition, installation, and operation.

Ken performs prelease and post lease inspections of barges. 

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Capt. Ken Henry, AMS, IIMS, IAAI
Marine Surveyor and Consultant

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