Capt. Ken Henry, AMS, IIMS, IAAI
Marine Surveyor and Consultant


    When connecting wires to the battery terminal, ABYC states that no more than four conductors can be secured to any one terminal stud.
    The 12 volt and 120 volt systems share the same panel on many boats, and the backside of the panel does not provide means to separate the two systems.  ABYC requires that the 120 volt side is covered by means which requires tool(s) to access the AC side of the panel.

    When removing electrical equipment, terminate all open end wires.  
    All 120 volt wire connections must be placed into a junction box with  cover.

    DO NOT used wire nuts to connect wires. Use
crimped style connectors.

    Rebedding deck hardware is a must to keep fiberglass decks free from moisture, which will lead to delamination and eventually soft decks. The pictures show rebedding a genoa track, but the same procedure will apply to all deck hardware. Use polysulfide and do not forget to apply polysulfide on the screws before inserting. 

    Bottoms do not need to be painted every year. This causes a high buildup of bottom paint. Marinas encourage bottoms to be painted every year, because it generates a lot of money. However, often the bottom is not properly prepared. Also, the bottom paint is good for one month, then growth will appear. It is best to sand those areas where the paint had peeled off and apply bottom paint in those areas. Keep records of the brand and color of the bottom paint. Also, wear face mask, safety glasses, gloves, and protected clothing when sanding and painting bottom paint.