Capt. Ken Henry, AMS, IIMS, IAAI

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So, you want to sell your boat. Whether you hire a broker or want to sell the boat on your own, you should consider a few items.

In the first three minutes of a potential buyer looking at your boat, he or she has made up his or her mind if they are interested in your  boat.

So, it is important that you make your boat as appealing as possible. 
  • Get rid of all personal items that are on your boat. I have inspected boats where it appears that the owner ran out of room in the attic and stowed the overflow of items on the boat. 
  • Make sure the boat is clean and smells good. Odd odors do not help at all.  I was once told that in order to help sell your house, bake choclate chip cookies before the buyers arrive; this is to help set the mood for the sale.  However, on a boat, that is not the effect we are trying to obtain.

As a surveyor, the first thing I do when inspecting a boat for purchase is a walk through. This sets the tone for the survey. If the boat is clean and appears well cared for, it is a big plus for everyone involved. 

You may want to hire a surveyor to do a walk through for you, so he can point out items that will show up on a report that are simple fixes.  

Remember, the cleaner the report the better chance of a successful sale.