"Thanks for your very comprehensive and thorough report on the vessel.  I am very glad you did inspect this."

- M. O'Carroll, Steel Ketch

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Capt. Ken Henry, AMS, IIMS, IAAI
Marine Surveyor and Consultant
​Servicing Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey
We encourage our customers to attend the survey During the survey, the surveyor will inform the customer what he is inspected and his expectations.  If a problem is detected, the surveyor will discuss the issue with the customer, the cause and solution.  Also, the surveyor will educate the customer on boat maintenance and the DO's and DON'Ts in properly maintaining a boat.  He will go over the operation of the electronics, generator, and all systems on the boat to insure that our customer has a complete understanding of the boat and its equipment.  Our customers state that the education they received was worth the price of the survey.

Prior to buying a boat, the boat should be inspected for safety and structural issues, operation and condition of all systems, operation of the electronics, operation of all machinery, and overall condition. It is better going into an investment understanding all that is required, instead of finding out after the purchase.  During a pre-purchase survey, everything that is on the boat will be inspected for condition, installation, and operation.  Ken will make sure you understand every aspect of the boat and answer all your questions and concerns.  All pre-purchase surveys will include a sea trial.

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The boat is inspected for safety and structural issues; items which will pose a risk to the safety of the operator, passengers, and boat.  The electrical panels will be pulled to inspect for overheating and wiring violations.  All fuel hoses will be inspected for UL rating and condition.  All components of the boat will be inspected to ABYC standards.

The boat is inspected for condition and equipment in order to determine a fair market value for said vessel.  Consideration will be given to estimating the cost of repairs in setting a value. 
"You have done a great job and I equally appreciate the extra training!  You can use me as a positive reference anytime."

                        Tom F., Formula 28SS

"Thanks for all your time spent preparing our survey report.  We greatly appreciate all the time spent on the boat reviewing the systems, and especially the time spent with the pre-purchase survey. It was a pleasure dealing with such a knowledge-able surveyor, especially being on the other side of the world in Australia."

                              Scott A. - Sunbeam 34
Capt. Ken Henry, AMS, IIMS, IAAI
Marine Surveyor and Consultant